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Innovative technology that is designed to revolutionize pipe couplings for the oil and gas industries.

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We have provided machines to companies that manufacture pipe couplers across the oil and gasoline industries. For decades, the technology to produce these couplers has remained largely the same, until now.

At Amera-Seiki, we have developed a revolutionary process to meet the unique needs when it comes to pipe couplers and solving issues that have existed for years. We understand the critical importance of efficiency, reliability, and time in these operations, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to create a CNC machine that will optimize performance and increase profits.

Our Ultimate Threading Machine is designed and patented to solve:

  • The “birds nest”; meaning less scrap and safer to handle
  • De-burring, saving labor and money
  • Automation, limiting the need for labor

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Ultimate Threading Machine

The UTM comes in two different models to handle a variety of coupling sizes up to 13 3/8 inches.

If you manufacture threaded pipe couplers in the oil and gasoline industries, the UTM can enhance your business.

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