Vertical Bridge Gantry Mill

VBG Series Vertical Bridge Gantry Mill

If you need more than six meters of X-axis travel on a bridge mill, look no further than the Amera-Seiki VBG Series Vertical Bridge Gantry Mill machine. By utilizing a fixed table and a moving bridge, we can generate huge X-axis travels. As an added benefit, since the table doesn’t move, you’ll be able to work on long pieces while only needing about half the floor space of a machine with a moving table!

Many shops find our cnc gantry mill machines simpler and faster for loading and unloading their workpieces because they can simply move the bridge out of the way during this procedure. And if you really want to increase your speed and efficiency, ask us about adding a dual-ram option. We even offer a twin-bridge option so you can machine two areas of the workpiece at the same time!

VBG Gantry Bridge Mill

Amera-Seiki’s VBG Series Gantry bridge mills:

  • We offer huge travels! X-Axis travels from 6 to 36 meters! Y-Axis travels from 2.4 to 5.4 meters! Z-Axis up to 2 meters with 2 meters of W-Axis available as well!
  • 5-Axis Simultaneous machining is also available on these machines with Fanuc, Siemens or Heidenhain controls with up to 24,000 RPM utilizing HSK tooling.
  • Need a rotating table within the floor table? We can do that!
  • With our helical gear drive system, we offer the tightest rack-and-pinion for X-Axis travel!
  • Need to increase your speed and/or efficiency? Ask us about our dual ram capability!
VBG series gantry style bridge mills
Amera-Seiki's VBG Series Gantry Bridge Mill

“We have multiple machines by Amera-Seiki and have had them for many years. They have required very little maintenance and we’ve experienced very little down-time, compared with other machine brands.”

- Mark Collett
Bloom Mfg.

Vertical Bridge Gantry Mill Specifications

Distance Between Columns (withought splash guard)mm2450285032503650425048505450
Floor TableLengthm6 to 36 in one meter increments
T-Slot Width x Pitchmm28 x 500
TravelX-Axism6 to 36 in one meter increments
Z-Axismm1100 (1400)100 (1400, 1500-2000)
SpindleNose to Tablemm1220 - 2320 (2620) according to floor level
Center to Columnmm427473
Taper / Speed / Powerkw/RPMBT-50 / 6000 / 22/26
FeedrateX / Y/ Z Cutting Speedmm/min5 - 6000
X / Y / Z Feedratem/min10/10/128/10/128/8/126/8/10
ATC & Tool MagazineCapacity / Diametermm32 pcs / Ø125 (full tools) / Ø220 (adjascent pocket empty)
Max. Tool Weight / Lengthkg/mm20kg / 400mm
Tool SelectionTake Shortest Direction / M24 P3.0 - 45°
Power/Pneumatickva60 - 100 kva / 6.5 kg/cm²
Maximum Table Loadkg/m²3000
Machine SizeLengthm13.5m to 43.5m in one meter increments
Heightm6.7 (7.5)
Machine Weight (approx)ton50 + 2/m60 + 2/m70 + 2.5/m80 + 2.5/m90 + 3/m100 + 3/m110 + 3.5/m