Vertical Traveling Column Mill (VTC)

Vertical traveling column mills

Do you need higher efficiency than a traditional Vertical Machining Center can offer? With our VTC, the table is fixed and all XYZ machine movement happens in the column.The larger table allows you to place multiple workpieces at one time, reducing your load/unload time.With a partition, you can even load one side of the table while the machine is working on the opposite side.

The fixed table also allows you to work on extremely long, heavy pieces that can’t be attached safely to the moving table on a traditional bridge mill or machining center. We offer our VTC in two sizes to best meet your machining requirements. See the specifications page to find out if Amera-Seiki’s Vertical Traveling Column mill is the best machine for your job!

Amera-Seiki’s VTC Series vertical travelling column mills:

  • Amera-Seiki offers two models of VTC: the VTC-5 with a table size of 2500 x 600 mm and the VTC-7 with a table size of 3500 x 600 mm.
  • This fixed-table machine utilizes the column for travels on X-, Y- and Z-Axes!
  • We have spindle speeds from 6,000 to 10,000 RPM.
Vertical traveling column mills
Vertical traveling column mills

“We have multiple machines by Amera-Seiki and have had them for many years. They have required very little maintenance and we’ve experienced very little down-time, compared with other machine brands.”

- Mark Collett
Bloom Mfg.

VTC Series Specifications

Spindle Nose to Table Surfacemm120 - 740120 - 740
Spindle Center to Column Surfacemm690790
T-Slots: Width/Number/Pitchmm18 / 5 / 12518/5/125
Table Height From Floormm830830
Max. Table Loadkg18002500
HeadstockSpindle TypeBT 40, CAT 40
Spindle SpeedRPM8000 (opt. 10,000)
FeedrateRapid Feed for X/Y/Z Axismm/min32,000
Cutting Feed for X/Y/Z Axismm/min1 - 10,000
PowerSpindle Motor, Contin./30 Min.kw11/15
AC Servo Motor, X/Y/Zkw35./2.0/2.0
Coolant SystemW580
Lubrication SystemW25
Spindle Chiller SystemW850 (spindle over 8000 RPM)
ATCTool Capacity, Arm Type Magazinepcs24/32/40
Max. Tool Diametermm70 (Adjascent space empty: 127)
Max. Tool Lengthmm300
Max. Tool Weightkg7
AccuracyPositioningmm0.005 ±0.0002
Repeatabilitymm0.005 ±0.0002
General InformationMachine Weightkg14,20023,780
Machine Dimensionsmm4068x5810x30004168x6810x3000
Source Air Pressurekg/cm²55
ControllerFanuc Oi-MB
Standard EquipmentFull Enclosure Guard 
Rigid Tapping 
Remote Handwheel 
Halogen Work Light 
Beacon Light 
Auto. Power OffStandard On All Models
Auto Lube System 
Spindle Air Purge System 
Spindle Air Blow System 
Coolant System 
Heat Exchanger for Electrical Box 
Optional AccessoriesController: Fanuc 18i MB, 21i MB, Heidenhein 
10,000/12,000 RPM Spindle w/ Chiller 
Coolant Through Spindle (CTTS) 
ZF-2 Gear Head with Oil ChillerAvailable on All Models
Chip Flushing System 
Chain Type Chip Conveyor 
4th Axis Interface