Amera-Seiki’s President and CEO Rick Welsh founded the company in 1991, out of a need for better quality machines at a reasonable price point. A certified machinist, Rick had enjoyed much success in machine tool sales by listening carefully to what his customers wanted in a machine. He sold hundreds of machines from many of the top manufacturers, always in pursuit of the best combination of quality, reliability and price. After years in the industry, Rick decided that the best way to provide his customers what they really wanted was to design and build his own machines, so he created Amera-Seiki.

At Amera-Seiki, from the beginning, our focus was on making machines that were truly over-built. Starting with base castings that were much heavier and stronger than others, the added weight allowed for the use of more powerful motors and drive systems. While others may attempt to cut costs by trimming their castings, we know that in order to get the performance that our customers demand and expect, there’s no replacement for absolute mass.

Over the last 32 years, Amera-Seiki has stayed on course with Rick Welsh still at the helm, guiding the company toward its original mission of great machines, great prices, great service. As of 2022, we have sold over three thousand machines around the world. We develop extreme loyalty from our customers and enjoy 92 percent repeat business! Once you experience the Amera-Seiki difference, we believe you’ll agree; no other machine tool manufacturer can match our - Great Machines * Great Prices * Great Service