Amera-Seiki "Top Turn" Series CNC Turning Centers

Amera-Seiki Top Turn Series CNC Turning Centers

The Amera-Seiki "Top Turn" Series is one of the broadest lines of horizontal turning solutions available in North America. With swings exceeding 94 inches and center distances to 98 feet, there's sure to be an Amera-Seiki "Top Turn" lathe to suit your horizontal turning needs.

From heavy roughing to high speed finishing, our CNC machines and products are designed with the strength and rigidity to thrive in your tough manufacturing environment. We configured our "Top Turn" lineup to offer a truly universal machine at a price that's sure to bolster your bottom line.

As special needs arise, let Amera-Seiki build a "Top Turn" to your specification. We offer a wide mix of productivity enhancing options, including enlarged spindle bores, work holding, tooling, part measurement, tool probing, steady rests, coolant systems, linear scales, control upgrades, live tooling and Y-axis.

CNC Lathes Slant Bed Model

CNC Lathes Flat Bed Model

Amera-Seiki’s "Top Turn" Series CNC lathes:

Slant Bed Models:

  • Amera-Seiki offers a wide range of spindle hole sizes from 1 5/8 inches up to an industry leading 24 inches!
  • If you’ve got a long piece to turn, we have slant bed lathes with a distance between centers of up to 5 meters!
  • We offer chuck sizes ranging from 6 inches up to 40 inches!
  • Not only do we use massive base castings but we offer a turret that’s an impressive 300 mm thick!

Flat Bed Models:

  • Our large flatbed lathes offer chuck sizes up to 80 inches with a spindle hole up to 22 inches!
  • For working on longer pieces, we have center distances up to 30 meters!
  • We offer both hydraulic steady rests and follow rests for our machines.

“We have multiple machines by Amera-Seiki and have had them for many years. They have required very little maintenance and we’ve experienced very little down-time, compared with other machine brands.”

- Mark Collett
Bloom Mfg.

Top Turn CNC Lathe Specifications

Work EnvelopeStd. Chuck Diameter / Rangein.68 (opt. 10)10 (opt. 12)12 (opt. 15)15-2015-2424-4015-3615-4024-4024-7024-80
Bar Capacity or Spindle Borein.1.652.04 (2.44 w/ 10' chuck)33.584.60 (opt. 6)6.5 (opt.9)99 (opt. 12.5, 14.5, 16, 21, &24)6.5 (opt. 9, 12.5, &14)6.5 (opt. 9, 12.5, 14, 16 & 21)9-21
Swing Over Bedin.15.7422.0423.6230.735.4339.7650.1944.0955.126378.7494.49
Max. Turning  28.5526.7738.1929.5239.3741.3459.0574.8
Max. Turning Lengthin.1222.0423.62/43.3027.56/47.24/66.93        
Distance Between Centersm      2m-5m1m-8m2m-30m
Additional Axes Avail. C AxisC & Y AxesNoneC & Y AxesC AxisC & Y AxesC AxisC & Y Axes
SpindleSpindle PowerHP1520253550 (opt. 60)50 (opt. 60 & 100)35 (opt. 50)60 (opt. 100)
Spindle SpeedRPM6,0004,200 (3,500 w/ 10" chuck)3,500 (2,500 w/ 12" chuck)3,2002,5001000 (600 w/ A2-15 opt.)600400
Spindle Nose A2-5A2-6A2-8A2-11A2-11 (opt. A2-15)A2-15A2-15 (opt. A2-20 & A2-28)A2-11 (opt. A2-15 & A2-20)A2-11 (opt. A2-15, A2-20 & A2-28)A2-15 (opt. A2-20 & A2-28)
Turret Type HydraulicServoServoServo
Tool Capacitypcs.810124 (opt. 10)4 (opt. 12)
Tailstock BodytypeManualTag AlongRack & Pinion