Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machine Centers

Amera-Seiki Horizontal Machining Centers are built to last, offering a powerful combination of speed and rigidity to users in any industry. Our design begins with a heavily-ribbed, Meehanite casting. Add large diameter ballscrews, a massive oil-cooled spindle and wide-stance ways and you have a rigid, high performance machine tool.

Options such as increased spindle speed, high capacity tool magazines, full 4th axis and various coolant systems allow you to tailor a machine to your specific application. Factory testing that features laser alignment and ball bar tuning assures a high degree of accuracy from the first part cut.

HMC Series horizontal machining center

Amera-Seiki’s HMC Series horizontal machining center:

  • Our dual-pallet machines offer pallet sizes ranging from 400 to 1,000 mm.
  • Heavy base castings provide a strong foundation for outstanding performance.
  • Standard configuration allows for one-degree positioning of pallets, but a full B-Axis positioning system is available!
  • Our HMCs have spindle speeds up to 10,000 RPM! We can even offer direct drive spindles up to 24,000 RPM!
  • We have lots of options available on these machines including higher-capacity ATC with 120 tools and 1,000 PSI coolant through spindle (CTS).
Horizontal Machining Center HMC Series
Amera-Seiki's HMC Series Horizonatal Machining Center

“We have multiple machines by Amera-Seiki and have had them for many years. They have required very little maintenance and we’ve experienced very little down-time, compared with other machine brands.”

- Mark Collett
Bloom Mfg.

Horizontal Machining Center Specifications

Spindle Center to Work Tablemm50-68050-77570-92050-110050-1300
Spindle Nose to Work Tablemm130-760150-875 (200-925 w/ BT-50)200-1090230-1280230-1480
TableTable Surface to Floormm1100130013201370
Tale Sizemm400x400500x500630x630800x8001000x1000
T-Slot/Bolt Specmm24-M10 / P1.5x2024-M15 / P2.0
Max Weight on Tablekg400500 (opt. 800)12002000
Table Indexingdeg0.0011 (opt. 0.001)
SpindleSpindle TaperBT-40BT-40 (opt. BT-50)BT-50
Spindle DriveDDSGear Head
Spindle Diamentermm7070 (100 w/ BT-50)100
Spindle SpeedRPM100008000 (6000 w/ BT-50)6000
FeedrateSpindle Motor (cont. 30 min.)kw15/18.57.5/11 (15/18.5) (22/26)15/18.5 (18.5/22) (22/26)
3-Axes Cutting FeedrateM/min1-10,0001-6000
3-Axes Rapid FeedrateM/min36 (opt. 48)30 (opt.36)24 (opt.30)15/15/12
ATC3-Axes Min. Setting Unitmm0.001
Max. Tool Dia. X Lengthmm80x30085x300 (125x400 w/ BT-50)125x500125x600125
Max. Tool Weightkg1010 (20 w/ BT-50)20
Tool ShanktypeP40T-IP40T-1 (P50T-1 w/ BT-50)P50T-I
Tool Change Timesec1.61.6 (2.9 w/ BT-50)2.9
APCNumber of Palletspcs2
Method of Pallet ChangeRotary
Pallet Change Timesec81012
MachineFloor Spacemm3600x46003835x48353847x63983880x8100
Machine Weight (nominal)kg10,50013,500 (16,000 w/ BT-50)27,00030,000
Standard EquipmentChain Type Chip Conveyor 
Chain Type ATC w/ 40 Tool Capacity 
Spindle Coolant Curtain 
Spindle Oil Cooler 
Heat Exchanger for Elec. CabinetStandard On All Models
3 Zone Chip Flushing System 
Automatic Lubrication System 
Fully Enclosed Splash Guard 
Fanuc Controls 
Optional AccessoriesExtended Capacity ATCpcs60, 90 or 120 Tools
High Speed SpindleRPM10,000-24,000 Direct Drive8,000-12,000 Direct Drive
3-Axes Linear Scales 
Oil Skimmer 
A/C For Electrical CabinetAvailable On All Models
Auto. Tool Length Measuring Device 
Coolant Through Tool Holder