API Pipe Coupling Solution

Ultimate Threading Machine (UTM)®

The UTM is an industrial pipe threading machine designed to solve problems faced for more than (4) decades.
Our revolutionary patented pipe coupling solution is a one-of-a-kind machine.

  • Best option for API 8-10 round couplings and buttress threading
  • No more bird nest means better threads, less scrap and makes it safer for operators handling the couplings.
  • No de-burring saves labor and money.
  • Easy to automate to run (8) hours, unattended lights out with no labor.
  • Very short ROI for fast payoff and maximum profit (normally less than a year).
  • Order today and take delivery of your "coupling solution" in 6-8 months.

Innovative Technology

With this new patented solution, you'll never have a bird nest again. This has been an issue with industrial pipe threading machines for couplers and we've finally solved it. With this innovation alone, we've made the thread perfect and the job safer while also reducing the scrap and no deburring.

Birds Nest from Standard CNC Threading

Bird Nest from Standard CNC
Single Point Threading

Chips from our New Coupling Solution

Chips from our New UTM
Coupling Solution

Automation Made Easy.
Make Profit Quicker.

The UTM can be fully automated to process pipe couplings, reducing your labor expenses significantly. Expect an ROI within 6-8 months of use, running unattended for (8) hours, compared to standard CNC lathes cutting single point threads creating bird nest and much more scrap.

automation made easy image
automation made easy image automation made easy image automation made easy image automation made easy image

"We have many Amera-Seiki machines in our plant, and we purchased our first Amera-Seiki UTM-12 Coupling Solution over a year ago. We've been running 4½" API (8) round oil couplings and find this machine to be the best threading machine we have ever known!"

- James Roy
Mavrik Mfg.


MACHINING CAPACITY Swing Over Bed 660mm 800mm
Max Turning Diameter 300mm 510mm
MAIN SPINDLE Spindle Nose A2-8 A2-11
Spindle Bore 102mm 165mm
Spindle Speed (RPM) 3000rpm 660rpm
CHUCK SIZE 12" 20"
TRAVEL X Axis 500mm 700mm
Z Axis 650mm 750mm
THRUST X Axis Thrust Force 3282kgf 4200kgf
Z Axis Thrust Force 4257kgf 5300kgf
FEEDS X Axis Rapid Traverse 10M/min
Z Axis Rapid Travers 10M/min
MOTORS Main Motor FANUC A25 Spindle Motor 37kw/50 HP
X Axis Servo Motor FANUC A22 Spindle Motor 4.0kw/22Nm
Z Axis Servo Motor FANUC A30 Spindle Motor 7.0kw/30Nm
Lubrication Pump 30W
Coolant Pump 70 Bar/1,000psi
Hydraulic Tank Pump 5hp (3.7kw)
Max Speed 3000 RPM
Motor FANUC A12 Spindle Motor 15kw/20 HP
TANK CAPACITY Hydraulic Tank (optional) 70L
Lubrication Pump 2L
Coolant Tank 250L
BALL SCREW X Axis Diameter 40mm/Pitch 10
Y Axis Diameter 40mm/Pitch 10
MEASUREMENT Length x Width x Height 3000mm x 2300 x 2300mm 3000mm x 2500 x 2300mm
Weight 8000kg/17,600lbs 8800kg/19,360lbs

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