Vertical Turning Lathes

Vertical Turning Lathes

Amera-Seiki's Vertical Turning Lathe (VT Series) was designed with the high output user in mind. Our turret style machines feature high torque drives for your toughest cuts, while our ram style machine provides a greater level of support to enhance accuracy and finish.

Massive castings and extra-wide way systems assure accurate and stable machining on all of our vertical turning lathes. Heavy duty transmissions, which are standard on larger models, allow stock removal at high spindle speeds.

Our feed system provides superior vibration absorption and chatter-free cutting, even under demanding conditions such as threading, grooving, interrupted cuts and heavy roughing. With chuck sizes ranging from 20 inches to 13 feet, Amera-Seiki has a Vertical Turning Lathe to process your workpiece.

VTL Series Vertical Turning Lathes

Amera-Seiki’s VTL Series vertical turning lathes:

  • We offer both Turret and Ram style machines!
  • We specialize in very large machines with table diameters up to 4 meters and max swing diameters up to 4.5 meters!
  • Cutting heights up to 2.5 meters!
  • Have a very heavy work piece? We have chucks that can handle up to 80,000 kg (88 us ton)!
  • Need full C-Axis with live tooling? We can do it! With up to a 50 HP live tooling!
  • Our high density castings are heavier with less webbing. This means less harmonics and less thermal variation!
  • We have a wide array of options like a 3-speed gearbox and even dual ram capability!!

“We have multiple machines by Amera-Seiki and have had them for many years. They have required very little maintenance and we’ve experienced very little down-time, compared with other machine brands.”

- Mark Collett
Bloom Mfg.

VT Series Turret Style Specifications

Working SpaceMax Swing Diametermm720750850115013501350
Max Cutting Diametermm550650800100011001200
Max Cutting Heightmm450700800800800800
Main SpindleDia. Of Spindle Bearingmm130TAC-A8160TAC-A8170TAC-A11220TAC-A15220220
Spindle NoseA2-8A2-11A2-11A2-15
Max. Spindle Turning RPMRPM25002000150010008001000
TurretTurret Type100-8TTBMA250160-8TTBMA250160-8T200-8TTBMA320200-8TTBMR320200-8TTBMR320
Tool Sizemm32ѱ5025ѱ4032ѱ5032ѱ6032ѱ5032ѱ6032ѱ5032ѱ60
Axis Traveling and feedrateX-Max Travelmm20-29030-39035-46060-57060-640
Z-Max Travelmm450650850
X-Rapid Feedratemm/min1500012000
Z-Rapid Feedratemm/min1500012000
PowerSpindle Motorkwɑ p30 15/18.5ɑ p40 18.5/22ɑ p40 37/45
Live Tool MotorkwN/Aɑ 8 7.5/1N/Aɑ 8 7.5/1N/Aɑ 8 7.5/1N/Aɑ 12 11/15N/Aɑ 12 11/15N/Aɑ 12 11/15
X-Axial Servo Motorkw1.6347
Z-Axial Servo Motorkw347
Oil Hydraulic Motorkw2.2
Coolant Motorkw2.6
Machine Bed Flushing Waterkw0.750.75 + 0.75
Chip Conveyor Motorkw0.2
Machine LayoutMachine Sizemm2300x34003100x24403200x26803750x32503950x35004350x3550
Machine Heightmm246029003135355035503750
Machine Weightkg690080008700135001540016500
Power Requiredkva354040504050607060706070
Control SystemFanuc 0iT-D
Standard Accessories3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuckinch15 (18-21 avail)15 (18-24 avail)21 (24-32 avail)32 (40 avail)40
Facing/Boring Tool Holderpcs3/33/33/33/33/33/3
Outer/Inner Tool Turretpcs2/22/22/22/22/23/3
Turretpcsѱ 20, 25, 32, 40
Hydraulic Unit 
Chip Conveyor 
Coolant System 
Disk Type Oil/Water SeperatorIncluded with all models
Heat Transfer for Electric Cabinet 
Work Lamp & 3-Color Alarm Lamp 
Automatic Lubrication System 
Optional AccessoriesSpindle Motor Upgradekwɑ 40 37/45ɑ 50 45/55 & ɑ 60 60
Control SystemFanuc 32iT
Manual Guide i 
High Pressure Flood Coolant 
2-Speed Gearbox 
Auto Door 
Electrical Cabinet A/C system 
Paper FilterAvailable on all models
Oil Mist Filter 
Caliper Unit Tools 
Power Stabilizer 
Robert Interference Device 
CE Mark 

VT Series Ram Style Specifications

Table SizeTable Diametermm§1250§1600§2000§2500§3200§4000
Table Max. Swing Diametermm§1350§1700§2100§2800§3400§4500
Table Max. Cutting Diametermm§1250§1600§2000§2500§3200§4000
Table Max. Cutting Heightmm100016002500
Cross Rail Moving Height
Cross Travels
mm600 (4 steps)1000 (6 Steps)1250 (6 Steps)1600 (5 steps)
Table Weight Capacity/
Table Max. Load
SpindleMain Spindle Speed/
Table Speed
Gear Box Speed Stagesstep33
Live Spindle Speed/
Milling Spindle Speed
Ram Sizemm²220X220254x254305x305
ATC SystemATC Positions - Standard12 (24 opt)16 (24 Opt.)12 (24 Opt.)12 (60 Opt.)
Tool Specificationmm□25 □32 □40
Tool Shank Size/Typemm220x220200x200300x300300x300/BT-50300x300300x300/BT-50300x300300x300/BT-50300x300300x300/BT-50305x240305x240/BT-50
Feed RateRapid Feed Rate (X-Axis)m/min1210
Rapid Feed Rate (Z-Axis)m/min1210
X-Axis Travelmm300-950300-1200300-1700300-2100500-2200500-2700
Z-Axis Travelmm80012501600
Cutting Feed Rate (X/Z)mm/rev0.01-10000.01-1000
ControllerStandard CNC Control (Fanuc)Fanuc Oi-TD/31i-TB
Motor SizeMain Spindle Motorkw(HP)ɑ 40 37 (45)ɑ 50 37 (45)ɑ 60 60 (80)ɑ 120(120/160)
Axes Motorkw(HP)ɑiF30 7 (10)ɑiS30 5.5 (7.4)
Live Spindle Motor/
Milling Spindle Motor
kw (HP)ɑ 12Hvi (11/15)ɑ iF229 (28/37)ɑ iF229 (28/37)ɑ iF229 (28/37)ɑ iF229 (28/37)ɑ iF229 (28/37)