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CNC Machine Tools

From metals to plastic, from die to mold work, and from piercing to patterns, Amera-Seiki’s new vertical machine center (VMC) can penetrate any material and handle any job.

Our machines offer state-of-the-art technology that save you valuable time and money.

Amera-Seiki’s unique closed bridge vertical machine center is ideal for projects that have specific component tolerance requirements.

Designed to be uncommonly strong, sturdy, and durable, the Amera-Seiki VMC Machines tackles projects other conventional vertical machining centers just can’t handle.

In fact, our closed bridge vertical machine center supplies five times the structural rigidity of a typical ‘C’ frame machine design.

Built from cast iron, our machines weigh 33 percent more than traditional machines. Our powerhouse closed bridge machines go the distance and provide stability even during high-speed and heavy-duty conditions.

While most models offer simply spindle to column distance travel, Amera-Seiki’s design offers Y-axis stroke of more than 51”.

Why is this important? Extended Y travel allows you to work on bigger parts using a smaller machine footprint in your shop. You save space, time, and money.

Accurate, flawless, and reliable … these are just a few of the words our customers use to describe our products. That’s why we have a 90 percent customer repeat rate. Contact Us today, call us today at (319) 730-0310 to see how we can help you decrease your down time and boost your production.

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GT Series CNC Machines

Amera-Seiki has three simple goals for all our products: Great machines, great prices, and great service. For more than 20 years, we’ve been an industry leader in the field of lathes, machining centers, bridge mills, and other CNC machine tools.

The Amera-Seiki “Gang Type” GT Series is one of the products designed to help you. Reliable, strong, and effective, it’s just the type of machine our customers demand.

CEO Tom Sadler, of the Sandler Machine Company, is one such satisfied customer.

“Comparing the Amera-Seiki product line, compared to some of the other machines I’ve had in the past,” he said, “I’m getting much longer life out of the Amera-Seiki’s and it’s got to be the quality that’s built into them.”

The Gang Type GT series is available in three models: GT-42CY, GT-52CY, or the GT-60CY. We know you’ll appreciate the standard features on each of the models including:

  • Lighting Device
  • Coolant Device
  • Splash Guard
  • Tool and Tool Box
  • Base Block 4 pieces
  • Spindle Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Inner Tool Holder Sleeve: Ø8,10,12,16,20 mm
  • Foot Switch
  • Collet Chuck Holder
  • Collet Chuck
  • C Axis
  • Cross Drilling/Milling Device (6-tool)
  • End Face Drilling/Milling Device (6-tool)
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Parts Catcher
  • Lubrication Device
  • Operation Manual

Each of “Gang Type” GT Series feature four axis simultaneous controls (X/Y/Z/C), a 24 tool holder, a turning diameter of 60mm, fast tool changing speed by gang type tooling system to save cycle time, and C/Y axis work which can simultaneously make polygonal parts.

Optional Accessories:

  • Parts Conveyor
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Transformer
  • Multiple Bar Feeder
  • Tool Nose Coolant Device
  • Cross Drilling/Milling Device
    (5-tool ER-25)
  • End Face Drilling/Milling Device
    (5-tool ER-25)

Before you buy, make sure to check our always updated website for our in-stock specials or to purchase used equipment from our Amera-Seiki inventory. We have machines to fit every job and every budget.

To learn more about the “Gang Type” GT Series and how it can help you, call our trained professionals at (319) 730-0310. You can also fill out our simple online contact form for more information or to find a local Amera-Seiki dealer.

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Closed Bridge Vertical Machining Center

Any which way you cut it, Amera-Seiki’s brand new Closed-Bridge Vertical Machining Center is in a class all its own!

While most companies manufacture and sell bridge style vertical machining centers (VMC), Amera-Seiki is thrilled to introduce its one-of-a-kind closed bridge VMC.

The advantages of our new VMC are clear. The Amera-Seiki closed bridge design:

  • Provides five (5) times the structural rigidity of a typical C-frame VMC
  • Offers 51” Y-axis travel
  • Requires a smaller footprint—25% less—because the table doesn’t move in X-axis, our table only moves in Y axis
  • Weighs about 33% more than a traditional VMC
  • Large table load capacity because of our (4) Y axis way system
  • Ensures high stability during heavy cutting and high speed conditions

We know you’ll also agree that the design and components of our new machine are innovative and unique.


Guide Way System

Amera-Seiki’s new closed bridge VMC offers a Swiss-made roller linear guide way system. What does this mean for you? Each of the rails and carriages are paired in sets, resulting in much greater accuracy. Using an X-axis counter draw design, this machine delivers maximum stability for both the X and Z axes.

Spindle Head Design

The new closed bridge design uses an AC spindle motor that delivers up to 15,000 rpm with CT-40 tooling and up to 24,000 using HSK-63 tooling. We also offer 6,000 rpm, CT-50 tooling with a (2) speed ZF gear box. In fact, Amera-Seiki’s counter draw design offers the most rigid configuration possible, virtually eliminating any vibration problems.


Yet another component that differentiates the Amera-Seiki closed bridge VMC from typical models are its pre-tensioned and pre-loaded double nut ball screws. Supported at each end by three sets of oversized bearings, the ball screws increase rigidity and help reduce backlash, temperature variation, and deflection.

Full machine enclosure is standard on all our Amera-Seiki closed bridge VMC’s. Providing this top to bottom coverage guarantees a clean and safe work environment and protects machine operators from stray chips.

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

You’ll love the time you save with Amera-Seiki’s automatic tool changer (ATC). Each ATC can store up to 24 tools. Our optional arm-type tool changer makes it possible to have up to 60 tools and meet a speedy 2.5 second tool-to-tool time.

Coolant Routing & Chip Removal

Each sturdy VCB base comes equipped with low profile coolant jets. These help prevent interference caused by hoses or tubing within the equipment. Further, the standard chip flush routes chips out of the work area for quick and easy disposal.

Automatic Lubrication System

Finally, you’ll appreciate our machine’s automatic lubrication system. The large reservoir delivers a constant flow of oil to both the guide ways and the ball screws, increasing the life and productivity of your equipment.

For more information about our New Closed Bridge style VMC, please call Amera-Seiki at (319) 730-0310. We look forward to speaking with you.