• Vertical Machining Center, CNC Machines,VCB-1837

    Your All New VMC

    Closed Bridge-Style Vertical Machining Center

    • 4 Unique Design High Speed VMC
    • 5 Times the Structural Rigidity of a C-Frame
    • 51" of Y-Axis Travel
  • Gang Type GT Series, GT-42CY-GT-52CY-GT-60CY

    Cutting Edge Technology

    "Gang Type" GT Series Tool Machining Center

    • 4 Axis Simultaneous Controls (X/Y/Z/C)
    • 24 Tool Holder
    • Turning Diameter of 60mm
  • CNC Machine Turning Center, Top Turn S-15

    Top Quality

    "Top Turn" CNC Turning Centers

    • Swings Exceeding 94 inches
    • Center Distances to 98 feet
    • Custom Lathe to Suit All Needs

Amera-Seiki Corporation

For nearly 25 years, Amera-Seiki has supplied high-quality CNC Machine Tools to customers across North America.

With more than 2,500 installations under our belt and a 90 percent repeat customer rate, Amera-Seiki provides the experience and professional service you need.

Cutting Edge of CNC Machine Tool Technology

Amera-Seiki is proud to introduce a new and exciting type of Vertical Machining Center (VMC) that is unlike any other in the world.

Our new closed-bridge style high speed VMC provides five times the structural rigidity you’ll find in a typical ‘C’ frame design. Further, the Amera-Seiki bridge style VMC offers the following advantages:

  • 51" of Y-axis travel
  • Weighs 33% more than a traditional VMC
  • Provides high stability during heavy cutting and high speed conditions
  • Requires a smaller footprint - 25% less - because the table doesn’t move in X-axis, our table only moves in Y axis

Amera-Seiki offers an extensive line of CNC turning and milling machines and we stand behind and service everything we sell.

Quality Service & Support

Our nationwide network of Amera-Seiki dealers offer a highly skilled, local source of service and support.

We also send factory-trained technicians from our Midwest headquarters to assist whenever and wherever needed. Rest assured with Amera-Seiki that wherever you are, we provide qualified engineers to meet all your service needs.


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