Amera-Seiki Corporation

For nearly 25 years, Amera-Seiki has supplied high-quality CNC Machine Tools to customers across North America.

With close to 3,000 installations under our belt and a 90 percent repeat customer rate, Amera-Seiki proves to be the trusted and respected name for machine tools. We also provide the experience and professional service you need when using machine tools in your operations.

Cutting Edge of CNC Machine Tool Technology

Amera-Seiki is proud to introduce a new and exciting type of Vertical Machining Center (VMC) that is unlike any other in the world.

Our new closed-bridge style high speed VMC provides five times the structural rigidity you’ll find in a typical ‘C’ frame design. Further, the Amera-Seiki bridge style VMC offers the following advantages:

  • 51" of Y-axis travel
  • Weighs 33% more than a traditional VMC
  • Provides high stability during heavy cutting and high speed conditions
  • Requires a smaller footprint - 25% less - because the table doesn’t move in X-axis, our table only moves in Y axis

Amera-Seiki offers an extensive line of CNC turning and milling machines and we stand behind and service everything we sell.

Quality Service & Support

Our nationwide network of Amera-Seiki dealers offer a highly skilled, local source of service and support.

We also send factory-trained technicians from our Midwest headquarters to assist whenever and wherever needed. Rest assured with Amera-Seiki that wherever you are, we provide qualified engineers to meet all your service needs.


Great Machines...Great Prices...Great Service